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What We Do

owner's agents

  • Company is fully geared up to meet all the husbandry needs of the vessel

  • Provide on the spot solution for all maritime needs in a cost-effective manner

Charterer's agents

  • Our extensive years in the industry allows us to provide full quality service.

  • In-house specialization for LPG/LNG, Crude, Products and Chemical cargo vessels

offshore vessels

  • In addition to your agency needs, we are a full-service provider for offshore vessels including rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

assistance with government bodies

  • GMB Marine agency will steer you through the local governing bodies providing a swift, concise, and effortless clearance process.

  • Excellent In-house AMS servicing and expertise in submission of ENOA/D

environmental services

  • Efficient removal and assistance of garbage management.

  • Bilge, sludge, and slop reception facilities.

  • Assistance with ballast water management issues.

logistical services

  • Our goal is to arrange everything in a timely and the most cost-effective way to save you money while your vessel is in port or offshore.

  • As specialists in these services, we have infrastructure, resources, and personnel in place to ensure the most efficient handling of the following services.

    • Receiving and timely delivery of mail and packages

    • Transportation services

    • Hotel Accommodations

    • Cash to Master

    • Receipt and coordination of Ship Spares and Stores

    • Arranging Launch/Helicopter Services in coordination with 3rd party vendors and government authorities

Consultancy services

  • Providing a value-added service by coordinating the following in an efficient manner:

    • Classification societies

    • P&I Clubs and H&M surveyors

    • Oil Major Vetting Inspectors

    • Auditors: ISM, ISPS, MLC, Navigation, and Engine

    • Miscellaneous services such as Workshops, Chemical Tank Cleaning, Bunkering, Hull Cleaning, Independent Surveyors for all Maritime needs and Marine repair facilities

tugs & barges

  • Timely coordination of the navigational process throughout the ports in order to provide an efficient and cost-effective tug service. Random quality and efficiency audits of tug companies performed. 

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